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My aim in providing energy work is to create a soothing container in each session for effortless presence to surface. Working with my client’s energetic, emotional, and physical body needs in order to effect change and create more awareness within the present moment. Whether that is body awareness, emotional, energetic or spiritual awareness. Trusting the unfolding process and making space for tangible uplifting results to arrive.

I had the honor of being a professional bodyworker for a little over 16years. All of those years of engaging physically, and energetically with clients, opened me up to witnessing the joy and suffering that each and every client carried within their energetic body. In the past 3 years, I have shifted my focus from giving hands-on bodywork to engaging more fully with the subtle frequencies of the Chakra system with heart focused long-distance energy work. 

I now offer Energy Work and Chakra Care. This energy work practice is based upon my lived experience of being a channel for the healing spiritual energetics of compassion. Spirit guides me and my energetic connection with my clients, so that the energy flow dynamics can be acknowledged and caressed into a state of ease. I strongly rely on the body’s own inherit wisdom to guide me through the Chakra system to bring ease and comfort to the energetic, physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres of each one of my clients. It is a mystical and calming experience to receive, and give, this chakra focused energy work. 

In the near future, I will be offering courses on self-massage techniques and vocal toning experimentations. These particular modalities have allowed me to bring more and more wellness into my everyday life.  Excited to share soon.   All Are Welcome.

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