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Creating sound offerings based on my lived experiences of deep grief and joy, has been a great gift to my own well-being. I have learned to not only express a range of emotions with my voice but also, to shift the energies held within said emotions, by way of vocal toning. This vocal sound expression has brought about a deeper self-awareness and has allowed me to access joy, where only sorrow lived. Bringing forth compassion, where only rage was found. Creating the sensation of genuine love and support, where only deep grief and isolation were once concealed. 

I am a living example that sound healing can create profound change, from within. 

I offer Custom Healing Sound Transmissions as a way to co-create uplifting changes within the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms of each of my clients. I use my sensitivities to sound and spirit, to intuitively create a healing sound offering that is reflective of the highest frequencies present. Being a vocal bridge for Earth and Angelic energies to align within the spiritual landscape of each client. The offering consist of channeled communication 1:1 time with my client, a long-distance energy work session, and the final piece where I channel, record, and master the healing sound transmission. 

Each and every Custom Healing Sound Transmission is not only uniquely crafted but also, it’s application for each client is equally diverse. Experimentation is encouraged for when and how often to listen and receive the sound offering. A few examples of how clients have utilized their Custom Healing Sound Transmisssions: 

For anxiety soothing during/after work or home stressors. 

As a companion for their morning and/or nightly rituals.

Relaxation and release of tension in the body, heart, and mind. 

For listening to during walking meditations and self-reflection time. 

There are no prescribed ways to receive the sound transmissions. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

🍀At this time, I am offering FREE 15 minute CONSULTATIONS to answer any questions regarding my Custom Healing Sound Transmissions. I want all those who may resonate and benefit from this offering to have the opportunity to learn more.🍀

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