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My best dog friend, girlBear, taught me how to therapeutically engage with her, and all types of animals, over the 15 years we physically spent together. With her encouragement, I have expanded my professional business to include holistic animal care, too.

I offer ANIMAL REIKI and Massage, Animal Communication, as well as providing Custom ANIMAL Healing Sound Transmissions. 

Animal REIKI and Massage sessions can be utilized to create an uplifting change for both physical and emotional unease. Issues addressed range from: arthritis care, injury recovery, pre-surgery care, transforming depression, grief, and separation anxiety.  

For those looking to connect and learn from their animals in a truly unique and intimate way, I provide Animal Communication sessions. Telepathically connecting with animals in both physical form, and with those who have passed on, has become one of the most inspiring, mysterious, and joy-filled aspects of my life. 

I create Custom ANIMAL Healing Sound Transmissions to assist animals during times of transitions. Life is FULL of transitions and our animal friends can be deeply effected by these changes. My sound offerings are a way to soothe the spirit and energetic body of the animal and thus effect change within the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms of the animal. I offer this work to humans, too.

ANIMAL: Welcome
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