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I intuitively began meditating on the daily, when I was a chronically ill child. Emotional and physical discomfort/pain confronted my small body and psyche, often taking over my sense of groundedness and ease. Other times, it felt like I was being thrust into presence. My sweet gentle heart and mind took solace within the depths of my inner stillness, often the only way I could bare to breathe through the pain. Meditation continues to play a major role in my wellness by keeping my heart open to new experiences and connections to all of LIFE. As. It. Is. At any given moment. 

One pleasurable way that I enjoy connecting my meditative mind with the frequencies of my spiritual endeavors, is through Tarot reading. As a medium of sound and spirit, aligning myself with the reflection of Tarot has provided me another mystical lens to digest life in a more symbolic way. Over the past 13+ years, Tarot reading has taught me to take things less personal and has allowed me to sense and visualize my life from a more expansive vantage point. 

I am excited to share TAROT for TRANSITIONS. I hold space in these sessions for those individuals seeking support from spirit and their highest frequency self. I have designed the sessions to reflect card choices aligned with your CHAKRA system. Allowing guidance to flow through for energetic reflections, emotional swells, and down-to-earth information regarding each of the CHAKRA centers. Life is FULL of transitions and the eventual feelings of loss and grief that arrive, and I am here for it!

I am a channel for receiving information from spirit while being assisted by the guidance of the Tarot cards. It is a joy to witness my client’s needs being heard, and hearts held within this sacred shared space. 

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